“We decided to work with Black Barrel Media to develop the Legends of the Old West Podcast special series dedicated to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as an additional branch of our influencer marketing strategy of 2019.

The Podcast and its listenership reach an audience that appeals to several of our organization’s four pillars, which are agriculture, education, entertainment and Western heritage.
As one of the leaders in our industry, we find staying on top of trends and navigating new outlets of marketing, such as podcasts, to be a great tool for spreading our mission and our message even further.”
Black Barrel Media | Video & Podcast Creation
“Black Barrel Media’s creation and production of “Legends of the Old West” have become ageless and well researched podcasts which tell the stories and events which shaped our Nation. Chris and Mandi Wimmer are incredible individuals who have a passion for the history of the Old West and are enthusiastic to share these stories with their audience. The Deadwood Historic Preservation Office is pleased to be a supporter of Black Barrel Media.”
At Scottsdale’s Museum of the West storytelling is an important part of keeping living history alive. This afternoon, we featured a program with Chris Wimmer, producer and writer for the Legends of the Old West Podcast.
Chris has a new take on the stories of the Old West and the history of our region. We were pleased and proud to have him as part of our programming this season and we look forward to hosting him again for more of his storytelling expertise…”
Black Barrel Media | Video & Podcast Creation
“Well done, really enjoyed the prologue and first episode of the Black Sox scandal. Phenomenally done. Research and detail was second to none. Really Great!”
“I am thoroughly enjoying every podcast. So detailed and realistic. You feel as though you are part of the story. Great work!”
Black Barrel Media | Video & Podcast Creation
“This is one of the best podcasts i’ve heard. Highly informative and addicting. It not only provides you with insight into the scandal, but puts in contact to what else was occurring during the time. A podcast you’ll want to listen to!!”
Monrad Touhy
“Hands down this is the best western history podcast out. Great stories compelling work. I really love this guys podcast.”
Black Barrel Media | Video & Podcast Creation
“This podcast is professionally done and incredibly entertaining. Thank you for a great show!”