Project Description

The American Centrist 

Do you get that knot in your throat when anything political comes up in conversation because someone is gonna get mad and it might just be you?

On the American Centrist, we feel we need to learn to talk to each other again, and that the ‘silent majority’ still lies in the center of most issues.

This show will give a voice to the Center, one that demands to be heard and respected by politicians to jumpstart the process of moderating the extremes to solve problems long term.

Our average American Centrist moderator, with no political background, will ask the tough questions we are all thinking to a political strategist from the Right and the Left — between them, 50 years of experience working for prominent national campaigns in the critical battleground state of Iowa.

We will discuss issues that actually impact our everyday lives from both sides, because to effectively argue one side, you have to fully understand the other and we have to communicate to compromise.

We WANT to hear from you, we NEED to hear from you.

Send your thoughts or questions for our strategists and host, on: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @centristpod

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