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Legends of the Old West | Season 1

Classic true stories of the Old West: the Coffeyville Raid, the Baron of Arizona, the early years of Jesse James, the creation of the Texas Rangers, the death of Wild Bill Hickok, and many more. Plus bonus interviews with New York Times bestseller, Craig Johnson, the author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries; actor A Martinez, who played Jacob Nighthorse in the TV adaptation, “Longmire;” actor Barry Corbin, who played fan favorite Roscoe Brown in “Lonesome Dove;” and the president of the Western Writers of America, Nancy Plain.

Craig Johnson Interview | “Land of Wolves”
New York Times best selling author, Craig Johnson, returns to the show to discuss his latest Walt Longmire mystery novel, “Land of Wolves.”

For all the aspiring authors in the audience, Craig also talks about some aspects of the writing process, including the “life blood” of novels. At the end, he previews the next installment of the Longmire series, entitled “The Next To Last Stand.”

S1 | E12: BONUS — Nancy Plain interview
Nancy Plain, the president of the Western Writers of America, discusses WWA and her book about the life of iconic Western painter, Charles Russell.
S1 | E11: BONUS — A. Martinez interview
A. Martinez is the actor behind the complex villain, “Jacob Nighthorse,” in the Netflix series LONGMIRE. We talked about the evolution of his character from a very small, limited role to the chief antagonist of the show. And we start with a guilty pleasure surprise: his role on the short-lived “Magnificent Seven” TV show of the late 1990s.
S1 | E10: BONUS — Barry Corbin interview
Veteran actor Barry Corbin talks all things Western: Lonesome Dove, No Country For Old Men, the life of legendary Texas cattleman Charlie Goodnight, and the state of westerns today.
S1 | E9: BONUS — Craig Johnson Interview
Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, previews his upcoming novel, “Depth of Winter;” talks about the real-life inspirations for his characters the Netflix show, “Longmire;” and the audiobooks narrated by award winner George Guidall. Recorded at the Western Writers of America Convention.
S1 | E8: Legends Trilogy, Vol. 1
A trio of three lesser-known, action-packed stories:
Tiburcio Vasquez marauded through California for 23 years, including robbing the entire town of Kingston, before he was brought down by a jealous lover.
Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens took on the entire Blevins gang in one wild shootout in Holbrook, Arizona in 1881, and lived to tell the tale.
Rival brothel owners Mattie Silks and Kate Fulton fought a duel like no other in Denver in 1877: they shot it out naked (or did they?).
S1 | E7: Deadwood — Deep Cuts
A mash-up of stories and interviews from Deadwood about the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok, Seth Bullock, Sol Star, “Poker” Alice Tubbs, W.E. Adams vs. Al Swearengen and an odd gunfight. Plus, stories from the set of HBO’s “Deadwood.”
WARNING: The final segment of the episode contains some strong language.
S1 | E6: Deadwood
Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock and many more flocked to the Black Hills in 1876 to strike it rich. It was a lawless, illegal town in its early days — a hell of a place to make your fortune.
S1 | E5: Jesse James — Guerilla War
May 1863. Union soldiers attempt to strangle information out of Jesse James’ stepfather. They succeed, but they also drive 16-year-old Jesse to join the guerilla raiders who rampage through Missouri during the Civil War. Under the leadership of violent captains like William Quantrill and Bloody Bill Anderson, Jesse and his older brother Frank learn tactics they will use to become the most famous outlaws in America.
S1 | E4: Texas Rangers (Part Two)
Two decades of fighting between Comanches and Texans culminated in the bloodiest year in early Texas history. In 1840, a series of events led to the greatest war party ever formed on the southern plains as the Comanches cut a swath of destruction through central Texas. All the famous Texas Ranger companies united to fight the first major battle between the two sides along a stream south of Austin called Plum Creek.
S1 | E3: Texas Rangers (Part One)
From Walnut Creek to the Gulf of Mexico, the early Texas Rangers fought against defiant Native tribes and the Mexican army when the Republic of Texas declared its independence. They were fearless frontiersmen, and in one case, maritime fighters, as well. Here are some early stories of the Texas Rangers.
Special guest discussion with Justice Ken Wise, host of the Wise About Texas podcast.
S1 | E2: The Baron of Arizona
In the 1880s, James Addison Reavis attempted the greatest land fraud in American history. In a story that crisscrosses the United States and Mexico, and crosses the ocean to Spain, he tried to convince the U.S. government that he owned 18,000 square miles of the Arizona Territory. In the process, he anointed himself the Baron of Arizona
S1 | E1: The Coffeyville Raid
On October 5th, 1892, the Dalton Gang attempted one of the most daring robberies in the history of the West. Armed with Winchester rifles, they tried to rob two banks at the same time in broad daylight in Coffeyville, Kansas. The result was a running gun battle with the townsfolk that has become legend.
Special guest discussion with Bob Boze Bell, Executive Editor of True West Magazine.
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